What is Success?

Let’s Talk About Success. Success is many things to many people. Obviously, we all understand financial success which is probably the most recognised representation of the word. Additionally, it could be physical success in achieving something in the fields of Sports or Dance, Musical success – being recognised in your industry, Success in your place […]

The painful evolution of the BTL industry

I want to talk a little bit about the new rules affecting lending from the 1st Oct 2017. This ushers in a era of more new regulations in the UK buy-to-let industry. There’s been a continued pressure in this market for the last 2 years and this is another painful stage for anyone who’s been […]

Healthy body for a healthy business?

An amazing fact, which many people tend to ignore is a quality that most successful business people have in common. It is – having a routine or more like having good discipline. If you are not generally a person who follows a specific set of activities in a certain sequence on a regular basis – […]

Brief note on – “But, I am not an expert”

I often come across people starting off in their journey as ‘self-employed’ person, with a lot of anticipation and excitement mixed with elements of self-doubt. This leads to lack of confidence in their own abilities. One of the most common issue, many entrepreneurs face is the realization that they have to face a potential client […]

Do you want 1-1 mentoring to systemise your business?

Once you have decided that enough learning and knowledge gathering has happened and you want to begin taking action to build the business of your dreams, the next challenge entrepreneurs hit is growth or scaling your business. It is sometimes a challenge to find ways to escalate the business to the next level despite all efforts. The […]

Can you mix Rent To Rent with Serviced Accommodation?

ESSEX Property - Harlow Property Network

For those still searching for strategies to make profit from a property deal, there are so many options out there using so many property strategies.  To be honest,  I could list over a hundred property income strategies. The key is that all start with a decision and Action. You need to get out there and […]

Why is knowing your ‘WHY’ so important?

The business WHY

Once you have decided that building your business is your sole aim in life, you need to ensure that you keep your mind motivated (and focussed) and to not get deflected from this path at the first jolt. AND there is another KEY step you need to take.   Many business experts and coaches refer […]

Any room for ‘sharing economy’ in your business model?

Is the world of commerce changing in a big way? We are all well aware of the impact of online shopping on the traditional ways of retailing goods in the marketplace. How it has ripped through the profit margins & turnover of retailers who failed to move with the times and have an online e-commerce. Is […]

GRIT – The path to success!

GRIT – The character combination that really delivers! Why resilience and single-mindedness are the keys to outstanding achievement and how they can help you to accomplish remarkable things. A book by the American psychologist, Angela Duckworth, reminded me of the things we tend to  learn and un-learn at various stages in our lives, but need […]

Will I have to pay more tax as a result of Summer 2015 Landlord Tax announcement?

Key impact- Budget 2015/6 updates mean property investors will pay more tax!   One of the statements being bandied around this budget announcement was that it will only impact ‘1 in 5’ landlords.  I said it then and it has since been proven that only those with ‘no mortgages’ and possibly some with very low […]