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0 to 7 figures in 3 years – A local success story & Time and Money hack!

October 12, 2017
6:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Harlow Study Centre Day Barn at Harlow Study Centre, Netteswellbury Farm, Harlow, Essex, CM18 6BW

Wendy Clarke & Steve Burgess

0 to 7 figures in 3 years – A local success story & Time and Money hack!

What do you want from a business networking event? Inspiration from someone who HAS done it! Some business experts to share their experiences Quality contacts to further your business. Join us at the next Harlow Property network event.

A local success story and a HUGE dose of MOTIVATION on the same evening at HPN.
Wendy Clarke
I have experienced homelessness at the ages of 16 and again at 17 as an expectant single mother with No income, nowhere to live and 8 months pregnant! Not entitled to maternity pay as I hadn’t worked for the company long enough to be entitled. My local council couldn’t help as I needed to be 18 for them to house me.

There I was sitting on the edge of the bed in a room I had to share with another family hoping for a space to arise in a refuge for battered wives as I didn’t fit in any of the boxes for help or support. I was experiencing my own void and confusion as to why I couldn’t access any help.


On that day the vision and purpose was created. I was either going to sink or swim. I chose to swim.

I made the decision that I was going to provide homes for families who just like me had nowhere else to turn and it seems like there is no-one out there who can help. We all just need that one person to touch our lives who puts their hand out to say – “I see you. It will be OK.” Having somewhere safe and secure to be able to call home is the foundation that every family needs to rebuild there lives after facing the possibility or threat of homelessness.

2014 The Rent Guarantee Company was born. Our turnover is now in excess of £1,500,000 per annum in just 3 years. I put that down to a combination of things.

• Mindset

• Abundant thinking

• Understanding the market

• IPA (income producing accountability)

• Execution

• Health and fitness

Integrating these 6 key steps has fundamentally formed the foundation of a company that was born out of an honest purpose. On October the 12th I will break down each of the above at Harlow Proeprty Network event and share with you how you can scale your business and gain the correct understanding of what it take to become successful along the way.

Wendy Clarke
The Rent Guarantee Company Ltd

SPEAKER 2 – Steve Burgess

We also have a Personal and Mindset coach – Steve Burgess with us on the evening, who will be talking to us about…

What it takes and how to create the time to live life on your terms, how to create the additional income needed to enjoy the time and then the mindset required to do all this.

What would be the point in chasing either time or money, to then have the other elude you and de-motivate you? Memories are created by spending time with loved ones and doing things you love doing, but having no money to do this usually puts a stop to it all immediately. Often goals are set that seem so far off, that we give up. Working on time and money together will give you the opportunity to “taste” what the future brings and keep you motivated to keep going.

You do NOT want to miss the October HPN event.

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