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All Planning questions answered!

April 12, 2018
6:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Day Barn Harlow Study Centre Netteswellbury Farm, CM18 6BW

Jon McDermott

All Planning questions answered!

Want some Planning Cheat Codes and understand PDR a bit better?

Town Planning Expert at HPN


Are you working on a development/refurb project requiring clarification on Planning issues?

Do you want to understand a bit more about PDR?



Come and join us on the 12th April in Harlow, Essex at our next networking event to hear the Town Planning Expert – Jon McDermott.

Jon started his Planning Career at Portsmouth City Council in 2002. Graduating from Planning Assistant to Senior Planning Officer, Jon has been involved in Major Developments on sites within the City and its environs. Jon specialises in urban development and flood risk and has achieved EA acceptance of Flood Risk Assessments. In 2012 Jon became the first planner in Portsmouth in five years to achieve new dwellings in the High Hazard Flood Risk Area. Consultancy

Jon has been in private consultancy since April 2010 and is presently Principal Town Planner for the Town Planning Experts. In line with his Local Government Experience, Jon specialises in urban development and has developed a deep understanding of local planning policy and the processes for authorities across the UK and uses this knowledge and experience to find solutions to issues arising in development opportunities. Appeal Performance

Jon consistently performs well at appeals applying Case Law and policy in order to achieve the desired outcome. Jon’s recent successes have been reported in Planning Magazine.

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