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How to Make a Game Changing Impact

June 14, 2018
6:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Day Barn, Harlow Study Centre, Netteswellbury Farm, CM18 6BW

Baiju Solanki

How to Make a Game Changing Impact

How to make a game changing impact in your industry?

How to be the Game Changer?

Award-winning business man & TEDx speaker Baiju Solanki is now the CEO/Founder of EnSpirit Global: a platform that serves to awaken, instil and enhance the entrepreneurial spirit in all of those who wish to live their best life.

As a former businessman of the year, and property investor, his experience extends beyond the realm of enterprise: a trained psychologist, lecturer, speaker and author, he nudges people into realising their power. Using his skills as a trainer, teacher and coach, he aims to transform the world through teaching entrepreneurial skills to business people, those with start-ups, students and employees – all to increase productivity, performance and winning mindsets.

Making a game changing impact requires you to know yourself and others, have ideas that are innovative and most importantly implementing those ideas and being accountable.

As a result of hearing Baiju’s talk ‘How to make a Game Changing Impact’,  you will benefit by:
• Making a game changing impact which requires you to know yourself and others
• How to create win win win situation with JV partners
• Being more productive each day and overcome procratination
• Knowing ways to implement those ideas and being accountable


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