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Deckchair Lifestyle through property

June 21, 2017
6:30 pm - 10:00 pm

CM18 6BW


Deckchair Lifestyle through property

Want to 'earn while you learn' with Doug and hear about his deckchair lifestyle through property?

Deckchair lifestyle through property

• Does the idea of finding JV partners to build your business and help you create a sufficient passive income for a lifestyle of luxury appeal to you?

• Would you like to learn the skills to be able to do similar?

• Do you want to hear Doug’s story and see how he has achieved his passion for travelling by creating a property based business through sheer persistence and hard work?


The key takeaways from his talk would be…

• Joint Venturing

• Earn While You Learn mentoring

• Tax Efficient Investing

• Capital Vs Cashflow


20 minute host talk

Our host and versatile investor will also offer an insight into his HMO experiences and share his 20 Tips for HMO success.


Come and join us on the 21st June in Harlow at the Harlow Property Network meeting 

to meet Doug James and your future Power Team and be among a group of passionate property business owners who are happy to share their experiences.


You can still avail of our discounted ticket offer with brilliant speakers and great networking opportunities with a 30% off to Door Price.  Click on the ‘Pricing’ link above.

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