What is Success?


Let’s Talk About Success.
Journey to Success
Success is many things to many people. Obviously, we all understand financial success which is probably the most recognised representation of the word. Additionally, it could be physical success in achieving something in the fields of Sports or Dance, Musical success – being recognised in your industry, Success in your place of work – so having gained a promotion that you’ve worked very hard for. So there are many forms of success. Are they all relevant in this discussion? – Yes they are, because the basic requirements to achieving any form of success are the same.

The ultimate success is just being happy in your life and taking this to the level of having a constant contentment in your life and no regrets is rare, but some people do achieve that level. Hence, I believe that success needs to be on your own terms and not as a definition that you have been made to believe as being true.

So what are the essential basics if you are looking to define success? It has to be something that gives you a feeling of achievement and has a positive impact on people and things around you. So maybe you care for the environment and you want to be able to see success in having achieved something that adds value for the generations to come. So success is something that makes you content and satisfied and has a positive impact on people and the environment around you.

Now let’s look at things that may help you define how you achieve success. I think the following few are essential requisites to achieving success, whatever form it takes in your definition of the word, as discussed above.

  • Persistence – remind yourself of the goal every day and in every interaction with others
  • Recognising your own strengths and allow this to form a team of people with complementary skills around you
  • Knowing your own limitations and be willing to ask for help/favours with dignity
  • Honesty and congruence – so that others know what to expect from you
  • Stay physically fit – to keep your brain active and interested through production¬†of new neurons
  • Tell others of your ambitions and goals – it will help you stay accountable

A consistent application of the above habits will ensure continuous growth and will help you gain more skills, as the desire to grow stays alive. So once you have the above set of activities in your daily life and you implement them without fail – nothing can stop you from achieving the success as per your definition of the word.

Go forth and be successful.