Why is knowing your ‘WHY’ so important?
The business WHY


The business WHY

Once you have decided that building your business is your sole aim in life, you need to ensure that you keep your mind motivated (and focussed) and to not get deflected from this path at the first jolt. AND there is another KEY step you need to take.


Many business experts and coaches refer to this as the need to know and understand your “WHY”.  Some misinterpret it as merely the financial goal you want to achieve, i.e., The point in your achievement ladder when you have achieved your ‘financial freedom’.  But is that all there is to your ‘Why’?  I would like to add more.  So, they would teach you to create your vision boards with these material desires listed on these boards and keep them in your sight at all times as they are the things that inspire you.  In addition, I would suggest that you need to understand your strengths and skills and keep your thoughts very strongly focussed on these too.  Your desire to achieve the ‘financial freedom’ figure and the understanding of these skills will give you the complete ‘WHY’ – as – Why should your customers or clients ‘buy’ from you, whatever it is that you are offering?  What is the intrinsic brand or core values your business is offering to your clients that they should become your loyal customers?


You also need to stay focussed and continue to offer that quality service to sustain this relationship and continue to stay as the ‘Go To’ person in your field for your clients.  That is your ‘WHY’ – a combination of your unwavering desire to win and recognition of your own core value offering to your clients – one that creates a ‘Win Win’ between you and your client.  As they say, use your passions in life to help you decide your ‘Why’.  Because, what you are passionate about is likely to help you create the best business opportunity for your brand.  It is essential that this WHY is supported by regular affirmations, vision boards and written down goals, if the business goal has to be achieved.


As they say, your OUTSIDE world is a reflection of your INSIDE beliefs.  This means that the strength of your inner confidence and conditioning will affect the results you achieve.  Good positive thoughts lead to positive decisions which transform into effective Actions that help build your character and lead to the success.  So it is imperative that your thoughts are always positive and congruent with your ultimate goals in life.  If the business steps you are taking are not taking you in the direction of the ultimate goal for your business, then ditch them.  Do not waste your time on ineffective parts of your business.


It is true that you can take some short cuts to learn a few skills to get to your business goals, but the success will only be temporary if your beliefs and actions are not congruent with your values (the WHY) as the customer loyalty will wane.  All your business actions need to be immersed and soaked in your ‘value offering’ to your clients and the message needs to be concise and clear.


The Human mind is an absolutely fascinating and complex thing.  It is capable of achieving amazing results once it has been fed the right fodder in the form of positive affirmations and continuous inspiration.  I would highly recommend reading Dr John DeMartini’s – The Values Factor – which implores each and every one of us to recognise and live life to our highest values.


I would like to end this piece with the thought that – Having money is not a bad thing.  Money is just an accumulation of help and favours you have provided to other people in the form of opportunities to help them grow.  So, a manifestation of lots of money is equivalent to you having helped lots of people, so go out and serve.  The results will come if you live to your highest values which would be reflected in your “WHY” for doing what you do.